disney holiday crafts

Disney Holiday Crafts

disney holiday craftsThere are millions of Disney lovers out there in the world, and I am one of them. If you are creative, you will be looking for some Disney Holiday Crafts to keep you and your kids busy during the holidays, so here are some ideas and some of the best Disney Crafts that you can buy online.

Disney Holiday Crafts

Here is a great deal from Amazon:

Disney’s Christmas Crafts for Kids: More Than 75 Festive Ideas for Making Decorations, Wrappings, and Gifts

This book of crafts by The Vanessa-Ann Collection contains more than 75 projects for ornaments, presents, banners, and stockings. It includes full-color photos and full-sized patterns.

“This is a terrific book! The crafts shown inside are not Disney related, and most of them are useful gifts like pencil holders and bird feeders etc. — not just things that sit there looking pretty and gathering dust. Great for kids and adults of all ages and budgets of all sizes.”

Disney Holiday Crafts for Kids

How To Make Mouse Ears

Try these ears if your kids love Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

First, take some cardboard and draw some Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears onto it. Then let the kids take some of these craft pom poms and stick them on the drawn ears, closely together with some wood glue. Once dry, you can then cut them out and stick them onto an Alice band.

How To Make Frozen Cup Cakes

Another thing you could try is to let the kids bake some cupcakes with you. Next, decorate them with white icing. Let the kids make little Olaf snowmen by putting two white marshmallows one on top of the other with a toothpick. You can now get creative here, for example using pretzels as arms, liquorice or smarties as eyes or use a non-toxic pen to draw the eyes and mouth. Then you could even try and make a carrot nose with craft icing. Put these cute little snowmen on top of your cupcakes and voila you have Frozen Cup Cakes.

Here are some more Disney Holiday Crafts and Embellishments the kids will love from Amazon.

Dress It Up 7926 Disney Button & Embellishments, Holiday Candies

These Disney Character novelty button embellishments are great to make Decorations and Christmas cards.

You could also let the kids decorate their jewelry boxes or mirrors with these.

The buttons are shanked and there are 12 pieces in the pack.

The sizes range from 3/4 to 7/8 inches wide.

Warning, though, don’t give this to children under the age of three, as it could be a choking hazard.

There are also various other Disney Characters available in store.

“Oh my goodness! These buttons are absolutely adorable. I used them on bows I made for October/ Halloween. My girls loved them and were very excited to see me add them as a detail on the bows I made. Great quality. The size and color were also really nice. Perfect for what I needed and I got just what I thought I was ordering but better. They are so cute!”

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Arts and Crafts Holiday Gift Set! – Chalkboard, Stickers, Jumbo Pen, Eraser, and MORE!

Mickey Mouse and all his friends are featured in this fun-filled gift pack. Your kids will love creating with their favourite Disney Characters.

The pack contains:

  • Mickey Mouse Jumbo Eraser
  • Mickey Stationery Set with Pen (60 sheets)
  • Mickey Mouse Jumbo Pencil with Sharpener
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sticker Fun Pack (2 reusable cling sticker sheets and 1 background scene)
  • Mickey Mouse Chalkboard with 2 chalks and Eraser

Jesse James (2-Pack) Dress It Up Buttons Disney Christmas Collection #8236 Holiday Heads 8236-2P

These dress it up embellishments can be used by crafters for dimensional accents on just about anything.

Embellishments may vary from the ones you see as the packs are mixed according to themes.

These are also great to use on clothing.

Once again a choking hazard for children under 3.

Disney’s Frozen Elsa Sketchbook Set

This set is ideal for little fashionista’s who are ‘Frozen Mad.’

This pack lets you design gorgeous outfits for Elsa and her Frozen Friends.

There is a Disney Inspired Sketchbook where you can trace, color and decorate to reveal you hidden fashion designer talents.

Detailed stencils, sketching pages and stickers will keep those creative juices flowing.

Frozen Party Decoration Set and Supplies with Hanging Snowflake and Paper Lanterns

Another excellent Frozen product.

This set has 10 assorted sized blue and white glittering snowflakes and 2 white Lanterns.

The lanterns are make of tissue paper and the snowflakes are made of foam.

To hang simply tie the supplied fish-line onto a branch of the snowflake.

“Soooo great. The snowflakes exceeded my expectations. I used them for a “frozen/Elsa” party. Warning – glitter will get everywhere while you are handling them. They are worth it. They were a really nice size. I was a little taken back by the price at first but once I got them and saw their size and quality I realized it was well worth it. I had bought bug Elsa balloons also thinking I would need them to fill in but I never used them. These were all I needed. I used 4 in my entry and the rest in my dining room and it was plenty to fill the space. I had also purchased small 4″ snowflake “ornaments” that I hung around the rest of the house went perfectly with it.”

Hope you all have fun with Disney Holiday Crafts. Let me know what you all made by commenting below.

7 thoughts on “Disney Holiday Crafts”

  1. One of my nieces favorite things from Disney has always been their coloring books. She has 2 right now and it is just a great hobby. She is someone that enjoys to color. She tends to color things out of the ordinary. Every character a different color from original. I will definetly be looking forward to getting the mickey mouse club arts and crafts set for her.

  2. Both my 2 daughters are Disney fanatics – I think they inherited this from me as I was obsessed with it too when I was a child. These recommendations are fantastic! On top of the excellent craft products, I’ve been hoping to make my kids more active in the kitchen and starting out with these frozen cupcakes is just perfect! If you happen to find any other culinary or baking oriented Disney-themed products, I hope you can let me know. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I know some people say that disney is for kids but you can be grown and still crazy about disney. Those are some cool arts and craft items. I have siblings who love disney and this is something right up there alley. Im going to look into that some more. Do you draw?

  4. It’s going to be so much fun doing this craft stuff with my future children. Actually I might not even have to wait until then. My boyfriend is so in love with Disney that he might want to do these crafts now! Haha.
    But really, I’ve always been artsy so I look forward to doing this type of stuff in the future.

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