disney through the years

Disney Through The Years

disney through the yearsIt is an amazing success story if you look at how Disney through the years has grown from strength to strength. If you look at the man behind it all, Walt Disney, then you can see that he was extraordinary and very proactive, as you can see by his quote to the right.

In the beginning, nobody ever thought that a nondescript mouse cartoon character with some humorous adventures would ever catch the imagination of its audiences way back then (and now).  Mickey Mouse was the beginning that swept the Walt Disney Company along and transformed it into the entertainment empire that it is today.

For the last, almost 100 years, the company founded by Walt and Roy Disney has defined children’s first cultural tastes of likes and dislikes. Through the years, Mickey Mouse and his company of friends would delineate the kind of children’s entertainment for that generation.

Disney Through The Years

Through the years, each of the characters, both new and old, have grown into the consciousness of many children’s and adults sense of fun and adventure.

In the meantime, the Walt Disney Company grew along with the success brought about by Mickey and friends. The years boomed with more and more success in all the other areas – financial, creative and managerial.

The company’s growth was sideways, too. It did not waste time and started producing more and more child and family-oriented movies and shows. It also started acquiring production studios and TV properties as well as establishing theme parks for kids and the kids-at-heart.

Even as some children grew up and dismissed the Disney Characters as childish, they always end up coming back to them once they have children of their own. I too relived these lovable characters that I so loved as a child along with my own daughter.



New myths, new stories, new characters

Today’s children have an even wider choice of many lovable and mythical characters created by new storytellers and mythmakers at Disney. They also come in from old and new media – books, films, television, newspapers, magazines, and even from the Internet.

Many of them have wonderful stories to associate with one’s dreams and aspirations. Think of the success of the Disney Princesses. Every little girl has a favorite princess that they aspire to be.

Each time a new Disney movie comes out, there is a new craze of Disney Characters that comes along with it, and it takes a long while to die down. A good example of this is the Movie Frozen, which is still extremely popular worldwide.

Disney through the years has grown from strength to strength as I said in the beginning of this post, and I hope to see many more new characters and brilliant Disney movies over the next few years.


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