walt disney the man

Walt Disney The Man

Everybody in the world knows the brand Walt Disney, but does anybody know how the magic all started with Walt Disney the man. Here is a brief bit of history about the life and the times of Walt Disney the man. Walt Disney The Man (1901 – 1966) In short, Walter Elias Disney was born […]

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cartoon mickey mouse

Cartoon Mickey Mouse – Mickey Mouse History Timeline

Have you ever wondered how cartoon Mickey Mouse came about, and why is he referred to as the world’s favorite mouse?  Well, it might just interest you to read this account of the Mickey Mouse History Timeline. I always wondered how Walt Disney designed Mickey Mouse, because he doesn’t resemble an ordinary mouse in many […]

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orlando florida disney world

Orlando Florida Disney World – Why I Want To Go There

The reason I want to go to Orlando Florida Disney World is because it seems impossibly magical and an experience of a lifetime.  Although I haven’t been there yet, it is definitely on my bucket list. Orlando Florida Disney World is bound to bring out the inner child in everybody and here are some facts for you, and some […]

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